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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The castle and the river

From a castle the water, the land and a historical village. A place where old and new, nature and humankind join together. A place to stay on a sunny day appreciate the story, the view, the people and the food.

24 hours in San Francisco

This one day roundtrip through San Francisco and the surrounding area takes you to my favourite sites in the Bay area. Except for the bike rent and Alcatraz ticket you need no money, so it’s very budget friendly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Dinner is Served: 1 Hour Early

How I mistakenly prepared and served dinner an hour early working as a chef for a six week Work Away experience in Monteleone d'Oriveto, Umbria, Italy.

Spending 24 hours in the Fraser Valley is a good break...

Stray from the beaten path during your visit to British Columbia and come to the Fraser Valley. Full of amazing views, nature, and history, it's sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Spring Adventure in Barcelona!

Barcelona is like a true fiesta! Full of colours, vivid people and extravagant art! Is one of those cities where you feel so present and so full of life. Feel it, explore it, live it!

The Old Village of Holloko

What started out as a gloomy and depressing day turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

24 Hours In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's cosmopolitan culture makes it one of the most lively and exciting cities in the world. From its beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and welcoming locals- this is destination you must visit. This special city guide will show you how you can explore Tel Aviv in just 24 hours.

Things to do in Ilha Grande, Brazil

Things to do in the lovely Ilha Grande, in Brazil. An island with 106 beaches and no vehicles. A complete adventure, with trekking trails and a small village that will make your trip memorable

10 Things To Do In Santorini – Travel Guide

10 Things To Do In Santorini - We Saw Santorini In 1 Day! Santorini Greece Travel Vlog | Travel Guide | Greece 2016 Vacation

Sunset In Santorini – Summer 2016 Travel Vlog – A Day...

Mykonos To Santorini and Sunset in Amoudi, Oia - Santorini, Greece. This vlog shows how to travel to Santorini, Where to stay in Santorini, What to do in Santorini, How to plan a trip to santorini

Eat Healthy and Still Travel the World

Can you travel the world and still eat healthier. It is certainly not easy that is for sure. Have a look at some of the homemade foods that we have made. You will have to excuse the brioche bun. This was just a minor blip hehe.

Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove down in Dorset is a great place to come down and visit. Be prepared to pay for car parking, but the views and the ice creams are to die for! The perfect place to take a long walk along the Jurassic Coast.