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Monday, October 22, 2018

Memoirs from an unforgettable trip – A Trip to Paradise

Magical sea cave of Barbados that’ll leave you mesmerized and wide eyed. Visually stunning, this destination is every photographer’s delight and every travelers haven. Meditate on nature when it serves you the best! My all time favourite place!

Off the beaten track in Himalayas – High school teenagers climb a 4000-meter mountain...

Hiking in snow, reaching the summit of Chandrashila peak at 13,120 feet, camping next to a beautiful alpine lake, rafting on and jumping into the ice-cold waters of a Himalayan river from over 20 feet were just some of the activities that these teenagers did on their first ever trip to the Himalayas!

Rice Paper production in Spring Road

Along the Sangker River in Cambodia is a string of villages hand producing fresh rice noodles, dried fruits, and whiskey. Known as the Spring Road, it is here the arts of sustainable food production are practiced.

Going ape at Gibraltar

A holiday trip to Gibralter, a diverse look at life as with a group I ventured to see what lie behind Gibraltar's myths and legends.
Walks all year round in Kingston, Ontario

Great walks all year round in Kingston, Ontario

Whether you are looking at going Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Kingston, Ontario has some incredible walking trails. Really get yourself off the beaten path.
Boat Swimming on Lake Bled

Boat swimming and paragliding from the Vogel Mountains

Whether you like to relax boat swimming, wandering around lakes, or a bit of a thrill seeker paragliding from the Vogel mountain. The little known Slovenia is certainly a place you need to put on your list of countries.

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