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Monday, October 22, 2018

Tag: Italy

Dinner is Served: 1 Hour Early

How I mistakenly prepared and served dinner an hour early working as a chef for a six week Work Away experience in Monteleone d'Oriveto, Umbria, Italy.

24 hours in the incredible Milan

Here’s my guide to a full day in Milan on a budget; perfect for students and backpackers. Between the castles, museums, cathedrals and the availability of phenomenal cheap coffee, Milan will keep you entertained.

I’m Not Gondolie, Venice Has My Heart

"I had never set my eyes on a sky so blue and water so pearl-like before. The buildings are magnificent. Even in their battered, crumbling, antiquated state. It allows you to envision its history playing around you. I could see Casanova tiptoeing on the wall’s edge of Doge’s Palace. I could see Marco Polo getting ready to set sail for the East."

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