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Dinner is Served: 1 Hour Early

How I mistakenly prepared and served dinner an hour early working as a chef for a six week Work Away experience in Monteleone d'Oriveto, Umbria, Italy.

Exploring The Alhambra

Alhambra the red fortress from the Nasrid Dynasty. Find useful information Join me exploring the secrets of the Alhambra his history and also find tips for planning your visit.

4 free things to do in Mexico City

Discover the Incredible, Cosmopolitan and Authentic Mexico City through four places that are surprisingly free

Budapest, Hungary – an incredible culinary adventure

Do you know Budapest, Hungary? Planning to go there? Love eating out? Don’t know where to eat? Too much confusing information on the Internet? Are you fed up or just interested in foreign things? Here are your opportunities in this city.

Thessaloniki, the biggest and most beautiful city in Northern Greece! Have you ever been...

Thessaloniki offers travellers a bit of sun even in winter, delicious food even in midnight, nightlife even during the weekdays and wonderful sunsets!!

Pumphouse Point: a Taste of Tasmania

If you are after destination accommodation that is like a Cinderella story, then this is the place for you. No glass slipper required.

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